‘《pp电子》’ Episode Turns TV’s Most Famous Family Into ‘死亡笔记’-Style Anime Characters

《pp电子》’s 死亡笔记 Episode Sees Tv’s Most Famous Family as Anime Characters

你是否忠诚 《pp电子》 fan to this day or you’re simply a fan of the classic, 早期的季节, there's always a universal curiosity about the deadly shenanigans they put out 每年 Halloween 集, 被称为 恐怖树屋. This time, they truly hit it out of the park with a segment that pays tribute to the anime series 死亡笔记 而且 turns our favorite animated family into anime-style characters.

It's really interesting to see how the signature details that make each character so recognizable are translated into this style. Marge's tall curly updo is turned into a sensible blue bun, the green shade of her tube dress is seen on her apron. Lisa's spiky hair becomes a fuzzy blond mane, paired with her famous pearl necklace 而且 red dress. 首页r, known for his bald head 而且 his white shirt, gets a less endearing look on this version.

If the animation style feels very well done for being a parody, it’s because the production team turned to DR Movie, a Seoul-based studio that helped animate the original Japanese show. While the 集 presents the key elements of the story—turning the titular “死亡笔记” journal into “Death Tome,” it does so with a usual wacky Simpson twist.

根据用户 Turbotastic 在Kotaku, 《pp电子》 而且 死亡笔记 分享一个更长的故事. 回到2008年, artist Nina “SpaceCoyote” Matsumoto loaded two fan art pieces to Deviant艺术—one showing the Simpson family in 死亡笔记‘s manga style, the other showing 死亡笔记 以…的风格 《pp电子》. The quality of her work led her to be noticed by Bongo Comics, 《pp电子》 comic publisher, to develop a full-length story, with Bart getting the leading role instead of Lisa.

Wondering how to watch the Simpsons' 死亡笔记 集? 它在Hulu上播放. You can also watch all previous 33 seasons of 《pp电子》 在迪斯尼+.

《pp电子》 were turned into anime-style characters to pay tribute to 死亡笔记 每年 恐怖树屋 集.

《pp电子》’s 死亡笔记 Episode Sees Tv’s Most Famous Family as Anime Characters

Check out a fragment of the segment below 而且 stream 《pp电子》死亡笔记 Hulu上的剧集.

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All images via 《pp电子》/FOX.


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